Bert Solivan – Digital Executive

Bert Solivan is a highly skilled and experienced executive in the field of digital marketing, management and research. He received his bachelor’s degree in government and law from Lafayette College in 1990 and his master’s degree from George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management in 1991. He has held executive-level positions at several companies.

In his career, he has helped many companies enter and expand their digital presence on a national and global scale. He has been an innovator in launching digital marketing and content strategies, products, programs, systems and processes to boost sales performance, capture new revenue opportunities, and expand into new channels. Bert possesses a participative leadership style with excellent skills in cross-functional team building, quality performance, and productivity improvement.

Additionally, he has helped companies enter, expand, and capture the online marketplace by using his superior analytic and market research skills. He has a deep understanding of the singularly most important information and social marketing tool ever invented: the Internet.

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Bert makes the following statement regarding the allegations about others’ misconduct at Fox News:

“Recent news accounts about Fox News have brought to the fore work I did both while I was an employee of the company and while I was employed by other companies (including my own consulting firm). These stories have also contained several allegations about events with which I had nothing to do or about which I had no knowledge. These stories about my involvement are either flat out false, grossly inaccurate or highly misleading.

In addition, I have no knowledge of any of the alleged sex-related scandals occurring at Fox News, nor was I aware of them at the time I did work for Fox News. I was not involved in any way in any discrediting research, extortion, or suppression of the stories of any of the alleged victims of sexual misconduct. To this day, I am as surprised and disgusted by the allegations of sexual misconduct by employees at Fox News as anyone else!

I continue to be proud of the work I did in advancing the marketplace interests for Fox News, including working with its digital businesses.”

Bert Solivan is represented in all matters by Sam Braverman, Esq., of Fasulo Braverman & Di Maggio, LLP, who may be reached at